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Product Information

Induction Motor 40 Watt

Induction Motor 40 Watt

Frame Size : 90 x 90 mm Continuous rating, TE Aluminium body Rotates in clockwise or counter clockwise direction. Direction of rotation can be reversed Overruns for a few rotation after supply is cut off
Detailed Description

Speeds are 2880 / 1440 RPM and further low speeds with gearbox Terminal box or open lead wires for connection

The Gearheads are sold seperately.

A Coloured background indicates gear shaft rotation in the same direction; a White background indicates rotation in the opposite direction as the motor shaft.

The Speed of Geared Motor is calculated by dividing the motor’;s synchronous speed ( 50Hz: 1500RPM, 60 Hz: 1800RPM ) by the gear ratio.

The actual Speed is 2~20 % less than the displayed value, depending on the size of the load. Characteristics, specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice.


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